Cook dinner with friends for those in need!

Are you looking for a fun new activity to do with your friends? Cooking dinner for guests staying in the warming shelter at the Charter House is a wonderful way to spend time with friends while also benefitting others. The warming shelter in Middlebury provides a place to stay the night in addition to dinner and breakfast for people in Addison County without a home. While you are welcome to simply cook the meal and have it delivered,  you are encouraged to drop it off yourselves and enjoy dinner with the guests of the shelter. Go here to sign up! For more information on the Charter House, visit

 How does it work?

  • You can sign up in groups as large as 6 people.
  • Choose a “point person” (you will designate them on the google doc sign up sheet) who will be in contact with Kiana and Lydia to coordinate food delivery and other logistics.
  • You should cook/bring enough food to serve ~15 people.
  • The kitchen in the gamut room will be reserved for you from 4pm to 7pm on Wednesdays, however if there is a different kitchen you would prefer to use (in your suite/apartment…) than you are welcome to cook there instead.
  • Food must be ready to be delivered to the Charter House by noon on Thursday unless you are dropping it off yourselves, in which case you should deliver the food to the Charter House by 6pm on Thursday. Let Kiana or Lydia know if you will need a ride.
  • If you choose not to deliver the food yourselves, you will inform Lydia and Kiana where your meals will be kept until it can be picked up and delivered on Thursday- please leave your receipts for the food you purchased with the meals**

How to purchase food:

  • You will be alotted $50 to purchase food supplies for your dinner
  • You can go to most grocery stores in Middlebury (including the Co-op, Hannafords, and Shaws) and purchase food that will be charged to Middlebury College
  • Simply tell the cashier before they start scanning your items that your purchases will be charged to Middlebury College. They will ask for the index code, which is “SOVSCX”. After providing the index code, tell them to write the activity code “CHARTR“, even if they don’t ask you for it.
  • You will have to present your Middlebury ID along with another valid form of ID
  • Remember, you MUST keep the receipt and give it to either Lydia or Kiana – On the top of your receipt, write the name of the person who gave their ID number at the grocery store, their ID number, and the code SOVSCX


  • Please aim for a well-balanced meal (this may mean that you will need side items such as a salad or other vegetables)
  • Meal suggestions: burritos, casseroles, hamburgers, stew, pasta, subs, soup and sandwiches…and don’t forget dessert!
  • Fresh vegetables are encouraged because they are often not a part of the guests’ diet
  • You don’t need to purchase beverages or silverware

If you have any questions or concerns please contact
Lydia Gordon (336) 480 7629 
Kiana Cateriano (808) 285 8322